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Hollywood SIS Lace Front Wig CH-LOPEZ

Hollywood SIS Lace Front Wig CH-LOPEZ

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Color Shown: FS4/30

Fashionable Styling, Comfortable, Trendy & High Quality Workmanship

Remy Fiber Lace Front Wig

STYLE: Straight

DESCRIPTION: Shoulder Length Layered Page, Smooth & Silky Texture,
High Heat Resistant, Silky Soft Chiffon Lace

LENGTH: Medium

Chiffon Double Lace Front Finish Wig
To minimize forehead irritation, silk soft lace used for softer finish
Flexible hair line that moves with facial expression

Silicon Reinforcement to Prevent
Unraveling or Fraying
 Increased durability
Keeps wig securely in place for minimal sliding

Complete Ear to Ear Front Perimeter
Sturdy lace that stretches completely from ear to ear
Natural looking hair line allows
Hair to be tucked behind ears

Protects Your Own Baby Hair
Constructed to be less damaging to your real baby hair

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