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Bold Hold Wig Glue Adhesive 1.3oz

Bold Hold Wig Glue Adhesive 1.3oz

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 Not your typical temporary adhesives! Bold Hold Extreme Creme® Reloaded is perfect for clients with normal to oily skin, while Active Reloaded is ideal for hotter climates, those who have excessively oily skin, or high activity levels. 

Designed with humidity-resistant properties to provide a lightweight, superior, lasting hold for lace front wigs and hair systems without damaging the lace or edges. 

These unique water-based lace adhesives go on white and dry clear for a strong invisible bond that will last from 2-3 weeks. 

Odorless, skin-friendly formulas made with non-toxic, latex-free ingredients safe for scalps when applied by a licensed cosmetologist.  To remove safely, use Bold Hold Lace Remover.

  • Products made with skin- and scalp-friendly non-toxic ingredients that are safe for all skin types.  
  • Water -based styling agents and lace glue that hold up to your real life. 
  • Lightweight formulations dry clear, for strong invisible bonding that looks and feels natural. 
  • Non-damaging wig glues keep your lace and edges in perfect condition. 
  • Water-resistant adhesives resist humidity for a longer lasting hold. 
  • Our products are created for better, seamless application at home or by a licensed cosmetologist. 
  • Removal made simple and painless. Remove adhesives with Bold Hold Lace Remover® and water.  

Always do a 24 hr patch test for sensitivity before use.

Step 1:  Gently Clean the Skin With Soapy water. 

 Gently remove body oils from the area of application using a facial cleanser.  You may use Seabreeze for a more gentle cleaning 

Do not scrub the skin, may cause irritation upon application of the adhesive. 

Do not apply to broken skin, acne, eczema, psoriasis, or overly sensitive skin. 

Step 2:  Always apply Bold Hold Skin Protect®

Step 3:  Apply thin layer of Bold Hold Adhesive to skin, up to 7 layers 

Step 4:  Allow adhesive to dry clear between layers 

Never apply while your body temperature is hot. 

Step 5:  Apply Lace to Clear Bold Hold Adhesive 

Dry with cool dryer and style.

Hair replacement adhesive is designed to be applied to skin only. Never apply to hair.

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