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ABSOLUTE NY Glam Brow + Lash Perfecting Kit

ABSOLUTE NY Glam Brow + Lash Perfecting Kit

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All the essentials to achieve beautifully sculpted eyebrows and luscious eyelashes! Featuring a stainless steel lash applicator for evenly applied falsies, stainless-steel tweezers with a slanted tip to get the finest of hairs, and a fold-able brow and lash groomer to keep your eyebrows and lashes looking like perfection!

  • Lash Applicator:

    • Align false lashes to the curves of the applicator and gently clasp lashes. Place lashes along your natural lash line and release. Adjust the positioning of the lashes as needed.

  • Slanted Tweezers:

    • Place the tip of the tweezers along the root of the hair you would like to pluck, and clasp down. Pull hair in the direction that it is growing and release.

    • Clasp onto false lashes close to the lash band for easy control and application. First place the band on the center of your lash line, and then the inner and outer corners to get a seamless application.

  • Fold-able Brow and Lash Groomer:

    • Use the soft-bristled spoolie to groom and tame brow hairs.

    • Use the plastic-bristled comb to groom and tame brow hairs. It can also be used to comb lashes while mascara is still wet to avoid getting clumpy, spidery lashes.

Use metal-tipped lash groomer with caution and comb away from eyes. Do not drop tweezers as it can damage the tip and ruin the alignment. Replace safety cover when not in use. Keep out of reach of children. Not recommended for persons under the age of 18.

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