[JANEIRO 3 Bundles 100% Virgin Brazilian Remy STRAIGHT] -



  • $ 799 USD

* Prolong the life of your wig
* Detangle
* Prevents Dryness
* Easier combing
* Promotes Silkiness and Shine
* Promotes Body and Volume
* Provides Freshness Feeling

Wig Care Recommendation :
* When the wig is used daily, it is best to wash it at least once every two weeks.
* When the wig feels sticky, dry, or has lost its volume / curls want it with Awesome Classic Care Wig Shampoo.

Direction to Use :

1. After mixing Awesome Classic Care Wig Shampoo with water, soak the wig in the mixture for at least 10-15 minutes.
2. If the wig-cap has sweat or make up on it try to scrub it off with a soft brush.
3. After 10-15 minutes have passed, rinse with luke warm water 3-4 times and damp dry.
4. Place the wig on a styling foam head. For best results spray the wig with Awesome Classic Care Wig Conditioning Spray and then use your fingers to run through the wig or use a big tooth comb.

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